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Unapologetic - Shedding Inauthenticity to Become Uniquely You

My wish is that you will find your brave and truth in the words I have written in this chapter and know that you are so worthy of this life and all you desire - to be unapologetically yourself in every way possible.

There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces her power and unapologetically embodies her uniqueness.

She has dropped the ‘Good Girl’ mask and has decided to never again sacrifice her values for another’s approval. She is completely and utterly unapologetic in owning all of who she is. She allows herself to be seen in all her glory and unreservedly shares herself with the world. Of course, it is a life-long journey to embody your unapologetic uniqueness. It involves radical self-responsibility, forgiveness and integration of the conditioning that has kept women small for millennia.

This book shares the wisdom of women who are on a mission to inspire the unapologetic empowerment of their sisters. Unapologetic will activate you to love all of who you are and to tap into the potent magic that makes you…. unapologetically YOU.


There are so many incredible contributing authors in this book, all sharing their mind blowing stories - you won't want to put it down.