Sentaura Rising - Return of the Ancient Creator Frequency

Unlocking Your Unique Creator Codes and Rising as a Sovereign Being

Everything in life has prepared them for this very moment.

Or has it?

These are tales that will stir your heart and help unlock the remembrance of your true self, as you listen to your own Soul's invitation and spiritual guidance to ignite your magic, medicine and wisdom as a Sovereign Creator.

Sentaura Rising is a living transmission and thought provoking personal accounts of the courageous healers who journeyed with Natali, and the incredible activations, life changing transformations and mind blowing spiritual experiences they had throughout a 7 month initiation process.

It tells the story as each initiate was attuned to access and unlock their unique level of greatness and Creator Codes, whilst facing their shadows and connecting deeper with their innate abilities and soul gifts.

Sharing her journey activating Sentaura, Natali Brown details her own initiation process, the origins of the Sentaura Creator Frequency, and ancient wisdom teachings of the divine and highest angelic order, the Seraphim Creation Angels.